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In March of 2016 this site was moved to hosted servers at Vultr. The servers run OpenBSD, with Dokuwiki, and nginx running what you see now. We use free certificates from Let's Encrypt, have enabled HSTS with one-year headers, and set various headers to protect the site and its user's privacy.

As an added layer of protection we also utilize Cloudflare, have enabled DNSSec on those domains which support it, and utilize various IP rulesets from FireHOL.

You can verify our sites security using a sites such as SSL Labs, Digicert, or securityheaders.io.

If you find any issues with the sites security, or the content it is serving, please let us know. More information can be found on our security policy page.

This website is a personal website of David Remy. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of any of my employers, past or present.

Server Status

Basic site statistics can be found at status.remyservices.net.

Other URLs

This site can be accessed using davidremy.me, wa0kxo.com, and remyservices.net.

Disclosure: The above Vultr link benefits me financially for successful signups.

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